Mac – How to find the IP address of a virtual machine using VMware Fusion

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Can I determine the IP of a virtual machine using VMware Fusion without actually entering the operating system running on the virtual machine? I'm looking for a menu option, command line, or otherwise that I can issue against the virtual image with the VMware Fusion Software itself.

Thanks – Adron

Best Answer

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: No but maybe

An IP address is purely the responsibility of an OS. Therefore, the virtual framework that holds the OS has no idea about the TCP/IP stack within unless there are symbiotic additions to the framework such as Hyper-V and VMware's additional guest tools (thanks to in the comments below). It's not much different than wanting to browse the files on a VM without starting it up first.

Technically, if the VM relies on DHCP, you could search your DHCP server (likely your LAN's router) for the last lease that was handed out to the MAC address of the virtual NIC to get a good idea of what the IP would probably be the next time it launches. That's assuming that same IP wasn't handed out to another device in between when you looked at the lease history and when the VM started up.