Macos – How to find what /dev the DVD-drive is


I'm on Mac OS X, have a DVD in the DVD-drive and can look at it in the Finder. I'd like to try to create an iso of it by using the dd command. But to do that I need to know what device to use as an input. How can I find what device my DVD-drive is?

Best Answer

Put a disk into the drive, wait until OS X mounts it, and then type the following command in the Terminal:

$ mount
/dev/disk2 on /Volumes/MyDisk (cd9660, local, nodev, nosuid, read-only, noowners)

In my case, the drive is located at /dev/disk2.

You can use drutil as well.

# drutil status
 Vendor   Product           Rev 

           Type: DVD+RW               Name: /dev/disk2
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