Chrome – How to fix disappearing Context Menus in Chrome


Not sure why this started happening, but it started today. I think I am using the word correctly, but any type of Context Menu that I pull up while in Chrome has been going invisible. Almost like a video glitch that semi-reappears when you move your mouse over it. It happens under favorite folders, extension options, or just right clicking on the webpage. Not knowing lingo well enough to search, I could not find anything in bug reports an what not.

Am I the only one getting this, it this due to the latest update, or is it possibly nothing to do with Chrome at all?


Best Answer

  • I just fixed this on my Chrome browser.

    1. Go into Chrome settings.
    2. Click Show Advanced Settings.
    3. Scroll down to the System section.
    4. UNCHECK Use hardware acceleration when available.
    5. Restart Chrome.

    To access settings, go to chrome://settings