How to fix HDD malfunction which gives rapid beeping noise and it’s not recognized by PC

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I have a 1TB Seagate External hard drive. Upon trying to plug it in to my TV today, it would not load and told me it was "empty". So I tried to plug it in to my computer, at this point it started beeping rapidly for about 10 seconds and although the computer recognizes the usb port being used, it cannot find the hard drive and therefore will not open any data.

My question is: how can I get the hard drive working long enough to save my files onto a new hard drive? I have quite a few files on there that I wouldn't like to lose.

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

Best Answer

  • If the drive is making a beeping noise it is the motor trying to rotate the disk platters but the arm is still positioned on the disk.

    Because the arm is only about 100 atoms distance away from the disk surface it doesn't simply "slide" around. The disk spinning is crucial in aiding the arm to move across the surface.

    It's like putting two clean mirrors on top of each other. You can't easily pull them apart, you have to slide the apart.

    In my experience, putting the disk in the freezer makes no difference... Get yourself a small torx screwdriver kit, take the lid off and VERY carefully turn the centre of the disk with your torx screwdriver until the arm springs away into its home position. A little squealing is natural (remember the distance between arm and disk). Put the cover immediately back on and don't screw it together excessively tight. Test the disk.

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