How to form FTP URL using absolute path for FileZilla server


I need to write a file to FileZilla FTP server hosted in Windows operating system using absolute path. The path in which I need to write the file is C:\Test\Batch_File\count\. The home or root path is set to C:\Test\Batch_File When I use relative path like the FTP transfer works fine. I want the user to connect using the absolute path, something similar to the one like I know using the URL as is the best way but I just want to experiment this. The client from which I am connecting is IBM DataPower appliance.

Best Answer

There's no magical way to simply configure FileZilla FTP server to allow an access to a whole system. For a good reason, you actually do not want to do this in general. Particularly giving even read-only access to C: (system) drive is a huge security risk.

You can configure it drive-per-drive though.

  • First add a fake root/home folder and point it to some empty physical path (say C:\empty) and set the folder read-only.
  • Then add virtual path /X: for each X: drive you want to make accessible (though using simple /X might be better, some FTP clients may not like the colon).

And now you can use an FTP path like the /X/foo/bar (or the URL to access the X:\foo\bar.

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