How to get a specific argument from a previous command in bash

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In bash, you can use !* to get all the arguments from the previous command. As an example, if you did cp /some/path /some/other/path and then did mv !*, the second command would be expanded to mv /some/path /some/other/path.

Is there anything like this that can be used to access a specific argument from a command instead of all of them?

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In !*, ! is the history expansion prefix, and * is the word designator that means all arguments. You can memorize the general syntax as bang-line-colon-column (!line:column). There are many possible shortcuts: the default line is the previous line, the default column specifier is “all”, and you can leave off the colon if the column specifier is non-numeric (but !3 would mean line 3). You can use !:0 to refer to the command name, !:1, !:2, etc, to refer to successive arguments, !:$ for the last word, !:* for all arguments, and more.

See also this post by Michael Mrozek at Unix Stack Exchange.

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