How to get Dash Doc App to respect indentation

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When I expand an abbreviation with Dash Doc App it starts at the cursor location in my text editor (Sublime Text), but then ignores the original placement of the cursor and the next lines begin on the far left side of the editor (0 column).

I've Google'd for a while and can't seem to find a way to get Dash to respect indentation.

Anyone know? Thanks.

Best Answer

  • I'm Dash's developer. As far as I can tell, Sublime Text does not respect indentation while copy and pasting. What Dash does is just paste some text.

    Unfortunately, Sublime Text does not maintain the indentation of pasted text, except for the first line.

    The only thing you could do would be to submit a bug report to the Sublime Text team and ask for Sublime Text to maintain the indentation level on paste.

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