How to get into BIOS when USB keyboard is not powered and have no PS/2 ports


Just got a new Windows 7 PC (64-bit) with an Intel DH67CL motherboard. It's been working fine but I decided I wanted to try to get into the BIOS. Unfortunately I can't do it because my USB keyboard isn't powered up on boot.

I've tried 3 different keyboards and almost all of the USB ports with no luck.

Any idea how to get into the BIOS?

Best Answer

Well as soon as I got my question typed in I figured it out, at least for this Intel motherboard.

I found another computer with the same motherboard and browsed the BIOS settings. Under Boot/Fast Boot/USB Optimization I found this descriptive text (nowhere in the manual by the way):

"If Enabled, USB devices (keyboards and drives) will not be available until after OS boot, but BIOS will boot faster. If Disabled, USB devices will be available before OS boot, but BIOS will boot slower. This question does not affect USB capabilities after OS boot. This question cannot be enabled while a User Password or Hard Drive Password is installed. In order to disable Fast Boot without entering BIOS Setup: Power down the system, then hold down the power button until the system beeps."

I tried it, heard 3 beeps, then it booted to a screen saying that the Fast-boot trigger had been detected, would I like to enable fast-boot on the next boot. No!! Noticed that my keyboard light was on and hit 'N'. It rebooted again and I was able to hit F2 to get into the BIOS.