How to get the Full Cygwin Installation (about 1GB)


I want to install Cygwin Full (about 1GB) but I cannot find any site offering it anymore. There was one but the Internet Archive did not back it up, after someone killed the site.

Some instructions about installation are here.

How can I get it and is there some trusted source with hashes to verify the dump?

Best Answer

Thousands of packages.. Creating a static dump of them will be outdated in day. I know what you mean.. But the best bet is to do the effort once, keep them updated and backup before deleting again.

Cygwin installation guide says,

By default, setup.exe will install only the packages in the Base category and their dependencies, resulting in a minimal Cygwin installation. However, this will not include many commonly used tools such as gcc (which you will find in the Devel category). Since setup.exe automatically selects dependencies, be careful not to unselect any required packages. In particular, everything in the Base category is required.

So, if you know which packages you need, its not much of a trouble, because the most important ones will be installed by default. You can always install any package you want after you've installed Cygwin. There is no need to install them all at once go.