How to get the Logitech media buttons to control Spotify

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I have a Logitech diNovo keyboard which includes media buttons for play/pause, stop, next, previous. I would like to let those buttons control Spotify. I've tried to add Spotify to the players.ini file as described here, but I still cannot control Spotify – focused or not. Spotify does not show up the "Select Media Player" dropdown box in the SetPoint application:

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Does anyone have Spotify properly configured for Logitech/SetPoint?

I'm running Windows 7 and SetPoint 4.80.103

Best Answer

The problem here is simple:
The SetPoint software provided by Logitech swallows all media-key-presses, and only pass them on to "verified" programs.

The solution is less simple:
1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Logishrd\SetPointP\Devices\Keyboard
2. Browse the subfolders until you find an XML containing the name of your keyboard (it will say something like DisplayName="Media Keyboard Elite")
3. Search for and comment out any <Button> entries that reference HandlerSet="MM ..." (there will also be comments for each entry with a description like <!-- Button Name => PLAY -->)
4. Restart SetPoint

This will keep SetPoint from swallowing the media-key-presses, leaving Windows to handle them as normal "multimedia keys".