Windows – How to get the router and Inprocomm IPN2220 wireless network card connected

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I can not connect to my Techniclan WAR-54G router's personal wireless network via my older Acer Travelmate 2300 XP Pro laptop that uses a InProComm IPN2220 wireless network card. However, this laptop does see all my neighbor's networks just fine. This leads me to believe that the configuration in one of the two devices, router or wireless card, is not properly set. I just do not know which one.

I must also mention that my other Vista laptop can connect just fine to my router's personal network. (This is the computer I am writing this post from)

I thought that the best and most thorough way to document my problem was to just show a list of screenshots of the relevant interface windows for the router, wireless card configuration, wireless network connection properties and configuration utility.

For those who can not see the images below please go to these image galleries:

Router Screenshots

Wireless Network Connection Properties

Router Settings via my Vista computer


Wireless Security
Wireless Access Control
Wireless Site Survey


LAN Interface Setup

Port Filtering
IP Filtering
MAC Filtering

Wireless Network Connection Interfaces from my Acer Travelmate 2300

Wireless Network Connection Properties

My manually input preferred network

Association Tab

Best Answer

I can't see any of the images because of filtering, but is the network secured ? How is it secured ? WPA2 ? Does the laptop network card support WPA2 ? I had a similar problem on my old Dell Inspiron, I had to bump the network security method down from WPA2 to WPA and then the network was being detected.