Windows – How to get the UAC/elevation prompt to remember the local username

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I want to be able to run as a non-admin domain account for normal work and be prompted for elevation when needed. This is fine when not in a domain as the elevation prompt remembers my user name and I just have to enter my password. In a domain environment, however, the elevation prompt does not remember the domain (the local machine) or the username from the local machine. How can I get the UAC/Elevation prompt to remember this information?

UAC prompt requires input for user name and password.

Best Answer

Finally found the answer:

Launch C:\Windows\System32\gpedit.msc using Run As Administrator (from the right click menu) and enable the following setting:

Navigate to "Local Computer Policy", "Computer Configuration" "Administrative Templates", "Windows Components", "Credential User Interface".

Set "Enumerate administrator accounts on elevation" to "Enabled".

Now the UAC prompt shows all the local administrator accounts.

The prompt remembers the last account you selected.

To use the same one, just type the password and press return.

The UAC prompt only asks for a password now.