How to get Thunderbird to open an ICS attachment directly in Lightning’s calendar


I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird 9.0.1 with Lightning 1.1.1. Is there an easier way to import an ICS file attached to an email than saving it to disk, then in Calendar going to File –> Open?

If I select "Open with Thunderbird" from the save dialog, it just opens a new mail message and attaches the file to it.

(I did see this older question, but it refers to much older versions of Thunderbird and Lightning)

Update: I've updated to 10.0 and 1.2, respectively and it still doesn't work right.

Update 2: Bugzilla.

Best Answer

For Thunderbird 15.0 / Lightning 1.7 the following procedure works for me:

  1. Open the "Today Pane" ie. the Events panel on the right hand side next to the email list.

  2. Drag&Drop the ics-file onto that pane.

In my case (Kubuntu 12.04) it will create the event. Hope this helps.

N.B In Windows 7, you need to hold the CTRL key down while dragging the ICS file on to the events pane.