Windows – How to have Skype for Business automatically join meetings planned in the Outlook Calendar


I'm on a Windows 7 Enterprise computer. My company uses Microsoft products like Skype for Business, Office 365, etc.

I have meetings on the calendar throughout the day listed in my Outlook calendar and they always have Skype link in them to join the virtual meeting. I lose time by having to stop, open the meeting invite, and click the link ahead of time. Also, sometimes I'm busy and forget to join, after dismissing the meeting reminder.

Is there a way to have it just automatically log me into the Skype meeting when it's time for the meeting? This would allow me to keep working until I actually hear people in the meeting talking, and it would keep me from forgetting to sign into a meeting on time.

Best Answer

If am not wrong, latest SFB will pop a balloon on bottom-right corner when its due - single click will put you in conference on time.

This has lot of feature to check, like you accepted it or declined, dismissed the reminder or not, are you still active or away from the desk, you want to be muted or should it open in full screen if any presentation going on.

You can put this in uservoice or MS board for enhancement, :)