Word – How to have the button on quick access bar to toggle spelling check on and off in Word 2010

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I cannot find such button on the ribbon.

Currently we have to open the menu File – Option – Proofing – Check grammar…

I am working with with two languages i.e. English and Vietnamese, and the need to turn English spelling checking is very often.

How can I turn it on and off quickly?

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Best Answer

  • The easiest way is setting the language by pressing Ctrl+A (or only the words in that language) then click the language button in the status bar > Mark selected text as and select the correct language

    set language

    This way you can also check spelling in mixed-language documents but still avoid false recognizing spelling/grammar errors. Office 2013 and above has support for Vietnamese spell check.

    If you want to select a default language for new documents, click it and select Set As Default. You can also change the spelling/grammar checking for any languages.

    set default language

    You can create multiple templates for English and Vietnamese to make it easier when editing a file in a language by creating new documents, Ctrl+A, change language as above and save the file as word template (*.dotx). After that you just need to open the template and don't need to worry about changing language again. Alternatively just open the Normal.dotx to change the default options when opening MS Word. You can also create separate styles for different languages and switch the style when switching language

    In fact the best way is to use different keyboard layouts for different languages. Word has the ability to automatically change the typing language depending on the language of the current layout. Unfortunately the Vietnamese layout is so bad that no one uses it


    All MS Word versions have a status bar at the bottom. If your status bar has been accidentally hidden you can toggle its visibility by the following macro

    Sub toggle_statusbar()
    ' toggle_statusbar Macro
        CommandBars("Status Bar").Visible = Not CommandBars("Status Bar").Visible
    End Sub

    If only the language section is hidden, right click the status bar and enable it

    status bar