How to host website from the home ADSL


I knew that I can use DynDNS to setup a hosting which will access my home adsl for hosting a website.

I entered there but couldn't figure out how to setup this in steps, I registered a host name but couldn't link to my router, I feel that there something's missed.

Also I checked this article but it didn't help me because I couldn't find options he is talking about in my router.

My router is D-Link wireless. And I have a dynamic IP address

Best Answer

First, you should install DynDNS client if your router does not support it. Second, you need to forward port 80 to the server machine.

You should not be able to link to your router from the Internet ("the outside") as this would be a security hole. Do you really need to configure it from outside? I doubt it. If you do, you should be able to set this in the router preferences.

Edited according to comments, thanks.

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