Windows – How to identify from a Windows computer the wireless device that is poisoning router


I live in a house with various other people who all swear that there is nothing wrong with any of their devices. The problem being is that when wireless is enabled on the router, ping sky-rockets and all-round internet performance drops off the face of the earth. As soon as I disable wireless and only allow my PC access to the internet, it runs perfectly again.

I'm assuming that there will be one device that's causing the issue but I have no way of identifying it as other users are fairly uncooperative. Here's a picture below showing what's happening with the ping with wireless on, then off, then back on again.

Top - WiFi on, Middle - WiFi off, Bottom - WiFi on.

Is there any easy way to identify the issue in a situation like this?


Best Answer

Can you (temporarily) enable MAC filtering on the Wifi?

With that, you should be able to whitelist one MAC at a time and see which one is the culprit.

For what it's worth, I would suspect someone is running BitTorrent or something similar.

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