How to increase hard drive transfer speed

hard drivesataspeed

This is my motherboard


(SATA upto 3.0 Gbps)

and This is my Hard Disk

Samsung hd502hi

Capacity    500 GB
Cache   16MB
Disks / Heads   1 / 2
Interface   SATA 3Gb/s
Spindle Speed   5400 RPM
Sustained Data Rate OD  100 MB/s
Average Seek    8.9 ms
Average Latency     5.56 ms
Data Transfer Rate  300 MB/sec
Weight  470 grams
Power: Idle / Seek / R-W / Spin-up  3.9W / 4.8W / 5.1W / ~24W
Acoustics (sound power) 2.2 / 2.7 Bel (idle / quiet seek / performance seek)

When I copy things from one partition to another they transfer at a maximum of 30 MBps. However the drive supports upto 300 MBps right ?

How do I increase the transfer speeds?

P.S – Using Windows XP, All partitions are NTFS.

Best Answer

  • The drive "interface" or drive controller supports 3.0Gbps, but the drive itself does not have that kind of speed. The drive you have is a "green" oriented drive with a slower 5400rpm spindle speed and focuses on low power requirements (hence, the "green" label).

    The 3.0Gbps rating is the SATA 3.0Gbps controllers potential throughput. The hard drive is connected to that controller, but that drive is not capable of those speeds.

    30-40 transfer speeds actualy sound like a normal average transfer speed to me for that type of hard drive. You could make sure your operating system is very clean and running the latest motherboard/hd controller drivers to possibly speed things up a little. The most noticeable difference however would be seen if you upgraded to a better performing hard drive. One with at least a 7200rpm+ rotation and performance intentions. And if you got the $$$, SSD drives would bring you even more speed.

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