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I have a Microsoft Virtual PC hard drive (.vhd format) that's maxed out at 16GB. What would be the best way to increase this disk space?

Booting into the machine (Windows XP Professional) and using the disk management snap in, I can see that the virtual drive has approximately another 40GB unused space. Trying to use diskpart, I find out that Windows XP can't extend the boot partition.

Example disk space:

enter image description here

Note: the virtual hard drive is running on Windows 7 using XP Mode.

Best Answer

  • With the VM turned off, attach the virtual hard disk VHD file by doing:

    Right-click "My Computer" > Manage > Storage, right-click "Disk Management" and choose "Attach VHD".

    You should now be able to resize the virtual disk as if it was a local disk.


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