Excel – How to insert a new row in Excel via the keyboard

microsoft excel

Right clicking on a row and clicking insert is fairly time consuming. I'd rather not have to take my hands off the keyboard. How can I insert a new row above my current row using only the keyboard? I'm primarily interested in inserting a single row at a time, but would also be interested in answers that address multiple lines at a time.

Best Answer

There are two options that I'm aware of, and both (unfortunately) require two steps.

Option 1:

  1. With a single cell selected, hit Shift + Space to select the row.
  2. Hit Control + Shift + + to insert a row above the current row.

Option 2:

  1. With a single cell selected, hit Control + Shift + + to insert a row.
  2. Hit Enter to accept the default of "Shift cells down."

If inserting many rows at once, I think the first option is the best, as you can repeat the second step without having to re-select the row.