Word – How to insert text above a table at the top of a Word document

microsoft word

This seems like it should be so basic, but it apparently isn't very intuitive.

The scenario:
(1) I've inserted a table into a new blank MS-Word document.
(2) I want to add some text outside and above the table.

The table is butted right up against the top of the document and I can't move the cursor to a point before the table to insert any new text.

I've found that you can do this by cutting the table to the clipboard, type the new text and paste the table back, but there just has to be a more straightforward way to put the cursor at a point before a table that is at the top of a document.

Best Answer

The active cursor is even with the bottom left of the table normally. You can just hit Ctrl+Home to get to the very first character of the file, then Enter to move the table down.

If your table is positioned after the section break, or on top of any other page, or anywhere else for that matter, place the cursor in the top left cell of the table, and hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter to insert a new line before the table.