Windows – How to install a previous version of Chrome


I have a problem with the latest version of Chrome ( so I need to download and install the previous version of Chrome. A few places suggest FileHippo or OldVersion, but FileHippo only redirects to Google's Chrome download page and OldVersion only goes up to version 23.

All the similar questions are out of date.

I already turned off auto update by setting the registry key.

Best Answer

You can look up the build version of a Chromium version on Simply paste the version (e.g. 40.0.2172.0) into the position lookup field and submit.

In the output the "base position" represents the build number.


With this number you can finally find the corresponding download on either:

  1. this page - for builds before early 2016, or
  2. this page - for builds since early 2016

Updated links may be found on the Getting Involved page of the Chromium Wiki.