Windows – How to install an Apple Magic Trackpad on a PC without Boot Camp


I have a Apple Magic Trackpad and I'd like to use it with my PC. I have no other Apple hardware besides the Trackpad. I do not have OSX and thus no Boot Camp CD.

The Trackpad uses Bluetooth and will pair with Windows 7 without specific drivers (appears as an HID-Compliant Mouse), but all it will do is point and left click (physical click, no touch tap). With Apple's Windows driver update, I should be able to achieve:

  • Tap to click
  • Dragging
  • Drag lock
  • Secondary click
  • Two-finger scrolling
  • Two-finger secondary tap/click

But how can I obtain this driver without Boot Camp installed? Apple's Boot Camp update EXE will not install on my PC (non-Apple hardware).

Best Answer

DIY: using 7-zip, you can extract the drivers from Apple update download.

  1. Download the Boot Camp Software Update 3.2 For Windows: 32-bit (280MB) or 64-bit (121MB)
  2. Open the EXE with 7-zip and extract (or navigate into) the BootCampUpdate .MSP file
  3. In the "BootCamp3200aToBootCamp3200" folder, extract Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin (another compressed file itself)
  4. Decompress the contents of this _Bin file into a folder. You should see AppleWTP files and DPInst.exe among others.
  5. Run DPInst.exe and follow the dialogs.

- or - Quick and dirty shortcut:

  1. Download and run a self-extracting archive produced from the DIY procedure: 32-bit (1.7MB) or 64-bit (2.2MB) - driver version, 8/24/2010


  • This should work whether or not you are already paired, and will also update an older driver in-place (no need to uninstall first)
  • To manually install the driver (without running DPInst.EXE), look for the "Bluetooth HID device" in Device Manager (it will show VID 000205ac and PID 030e in the Properties if you have the right one).
  • The driver will not install onto the "HID-compliant mouse", only its parent device.

See also: How to modify Magic Trackpad settings (without Bootcamp control panel)