Windows – How to install OS X *.TTC font on Windows? Error: “*.TTC does not appear to be a valid font”

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I own both a Mac running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and a PC running Windows 7.

On my Mac is a font called "AmericanTypewriter.ttc". I'd like to use that font on my PC, for a specific creative project. I was able to copy the actual font file over to the PC, but when I try to install it into the Windows Fonts folder I get the following error message:

Cannot install (FONTNAME).ttc - The file '(FONTNAME).ttc' does not appear to be a valid font.

"Cannot install (FONTNAME).ttc – The file '(FONTNAME).ttc' does not appear to be a valid font."

Can *.TTC format font files be installed on Windows? If so, how? Thanks!

UPDATE: I downloaded the source code for a simple ttc2ttf utility (ttc2ttf_AA.tar.gz) found at this Japanese page and compiled it under cygwin via g++. The resulting executable extracted a single file, "AmericanTypewriter.ttf", from the TTC / True Type Collection. (Why have a collection with only one file!?)

However, I still get an error message similar to the one above when I try to install the resulting AmericanTypewriter.ttf onto Windows. I'm stumped again.

p.s. I no longer need this font on Windows, but now I'm determined to figure out why & how-to 🙂

Best Answer

Convert ttc to ttf with (developed by me), like:

One TTC gets one multiple TTFs