How to interpret the model number of a computer?


I am looking at computers online. To give an example, I see model numbers such as: "UX303LA-DS52T", "UX303LA-US51T", etc. But when I google "UX303LA-DS52T datasheet" to obtain the official datasheet of the product, all I get is the webpage for "UX303LA" in Asus' website. Now as far as I can tell, both of these models are different from each other, albeit with slight differences. So why can't I reach to specifications of a model such as "UX303LA-US51T" is Asus' website but only reach to specifications of "UX303LA"? How should I interpret the part of the model number that comes after "UX303LA"?

Edit: The reason I am asking this question is, although usually there are specifications for a product in a retailer's website, sometimes they are not complete. And sometimes they don't have specs at all. Furthermore, retailers act in a "no responsibility" manner. They claim that the information there is for the convenience of the customer only and the info there may be outdated/false. Hence, I feel like I should behave like the info on retailers' website is unreliable and hence, I should get the correct information from the manufacturer's website.

Extra: Is a similar concept present in other types of products as well? If so, how should I interpret them?

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Most products have different versions, weather they are revisions, region specific, different colors, etc.

They are used by manufacturers and retailers to make sure they deliver what you paid for.

There are no general rules (for this specific mark) and every manufacturer has their own way of marking models. So to a consumer they don't mean much and usually they don't make sense either, as in your example.

The best way to identify the different configurations is by their specifications listed on the retailer/manufacturer site or in store.

If they lack in detail, contacting a distributor or a big retailer and requesting a spread sheet for the specific model might be the way to go.

After a little digging, the US51T and DS52T differ in screen resolution and CPU.

Asus has this comparison table for their motherboards but not for laptops.

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