How to keep VLC player in minimized mode


I'm using VLC media player which can play almost all kinds of audio and video formats. While listening to audio, I keep VLC in minimized mode and can work on other windows. But when I select to listen video songs mixing with audio songs, VLC is maximizing itself to play every video song in the playing list, which is really annoying in the middle of work.

So how can I keep always VLC player in minimized mode while playing a list of songs mixed with audio and video songs?

Best Answer

If you want to start it minimized:

  1. Open Tools -> Preferences
  2. Click on All settings (left bottom)
  3. Interface
  4. Main Interface
  5. Select Qt interface from the Interface Module Drop-down (right side)
  6. Now in the left hand page, expand Main Interface
  7. Click Qt
  8. Check Start VLC with only a system tray icon