How to launch an application with a keyboard shortcut?

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In Windows, certain keyboard shortcuts (usually involving the Windows key) are set to launch certain applications. For example WK+R will launch Run, before Windows 8 WK+S would open the Send to OneNote screenshot maker, in some versions of MS Office WK+N would open Send to OneNote, etc. (WK = Windows Key)

Is there any way I can set my own such keyboard shortcuts to launch certain programs? (Exactly like this question only for Windows 10.)

Best Answer

  • Not using the windows key, but after looking into this myself (in windows 10) I am using the Caps Lock key as my own shortcut key.

    Using AutoHotkey I have reassigned caps lock to mimic a control key, and then control and caps lock to actually use caps lock. This means when I hit capslock on it's own nothing happens. Auto hotkey script:

    ;capslock = ctrl key, ctrl and capslock = capslock

    Now I have an abundance of combinations for shortcuts to use which are not used by other applications. Caps lock and ..... you choose. Unlimited options of what you want this to trigger, either use Auto Hotkey script or like I've done just trigger a .bat file.

    Example that I use every morning when at work.

    Capslock & A::
        ;open Outlook
        run outlook
        ;log into network locations bat
        run, C:\Users\motmi\Desktop\BATS\network-link.bat,,min
        ;open chrome
        run chrome