How to launch API documentation in browser from IntelliJ IDEA


I just downloaded IntelliJ IDEA and trying to do something usefull with it. I'm using scala plugin. It seems that IntelliJ downloads all libraries + javadocs mentioned in build.sbt project dependencies.

How can I launch browser based API documentation from IntelliJ? I'm looking for a way to see all classes in an API.


I use scalajs-dom library in my project. Then I would like to launch following documentation (which IntelliJ has already downloaded into my system) from somewhere inside the IntelliJ IDEA:

In my mind a Good place for launching this might be project window / external libraries / scalajs-dom but it is not there.

Another good place might be in editor, whenever you point e.g. class belonging to scala.js library, you could select from popup menu something like "API Documentation" but it is not there either.

IntelliJ IDEA help about external docs:

  • In my IDEA (community edition v15.0.4) there is no External documentation command in View menu
  • Pressing Shift+F1 does nothing even when selected a class having javadoc
  • Quick documentation lookup window arrow up (=view external documentation) is always disabled

But on Project window / external libraries, select a lib and then Open library settings I see that there are libraries, sources and javadocs.

Quick documentation window works fine.

EDIT2: If I hit Ctrl + Shift + A IntelliJ opens "Enter action or option name" dialog. External documentation is there but it is greyed, I cannot select it or do anything with it.

Best Answer

Try to find action External Documentation by Ctrl+Shift+A search action feature. It must be in Code View Actions.

To enable Quick Documentation by passing Shift+F1 go to Project Structure and here in SDKs on Documentation Paths tab specify URL click on plus with the Earth.

enter image description here

So now Quick Documentation must work and View external documentation too.

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