Windows – How to log startup and shut-down times in Windows 7


I'd like to log the times when my computer starts up and shuts down. I don't need any diagnostic info or anything, just a simple note of the date and time, e.g. something like:

2011/04/29 08:17:34 AM Startup
2011/04/29 05:26:52 PM Shutdown

How can I do that?

My Google searches so far have yielded lots of people asking about reducing Windows startup times, but nothing of interest to the task at hand.

Best Answer

Windows uses event logs with Event Viewer to log this sort of thing:

Event ID #6005 indicates system startup

Event ID #6006 indicates system shutdown

You should create a custom view in Event Viewer that will filter those two event IDs with the source being the eventlog.

This is the simplest way.

Alternatively, you can use PowerShell's Get-WinEvent cmdlet to create a custom filter and pipe those items to a text file.

Or... you can use the Get-EventLog to pipe a custom event log (that you create with the custom views...) to a text file.