Windows – How to login into windows when password has national character and keyboard is set to US


I have weird situation. My friend uses password with polish characters to log in into Windows. However while he was logged in he changed keyboard layout to US. Now when he tries to use "ł" character while entering password nothing happens.

How can I change keyboard layout to Polish without logging into Admin account?

Best Answer

    • If it is windows 7, then you should have a button on the lower left of the screen. (Actually two buttons. One to shut down without logging in and one to change the locale).
    • Alternatively you could log in with another account and change the setting in the registry.
    • Or you could boot from a live CD and set the password to nothing. There are a many tools to do this. This is one of them.

    Edit: Just saw the new comment stating that it was XP.
    The second and third options should still work.