Windows – How to make a dial up connection disconnect automatically after downloading + uploading 90 MB data in Windows


I am using a modem (ZTE USB Modem FFF1) to connect to internet and I want it to disconnect automatically after completing 90 MB (Downloaded data + Uploaded Data). Can anyone suggest how can I do this. I am using a desktop computer running on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. There's no router. I am using a dial up connection to connect. I just want to limit the data usage of my internet connection, considering sent data + received data.

Best Answer

What you are looking for is called a bandwidth monitor tool or utility. There are a few out there. However, based off a simple search, it seems one of the better (and free) ones is Softperfect's NetWorx. One of the its feature is, it's able to end a dial-up connection when a cap is reach.

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