How to make git not prompt for passphrase for ssh key


I'm using git bash and I setup ssh key using ssh-keygen and each time I do something with a repo git ask me for passphrase for /c/Users/jankiewj/.ssh/id_rsa. Is there a way to disable that passphrase.

I've edited original title (removed Windows) since I've just used fresh install of Ubuntu on my work laptop and when ssh key have pass phrase it always ask for it and the solution to fix this is the same. This probably work the same on MacOSX that is also Unix and use same basic tools.

Best Answer

You can run this in git bash, Windows WLS or bash on real GNU/Linux.

eval `ssh-agent -s`
ssh-add ~/.ssh/*_rsa

it will ask for pass phrase in the second command, and that's it. Each additional action you will need to do (which once required pass phrase) won't ask you for the pass phrase (see an example in the screen shot below):

adding pass phrase in git bash on Windows

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