How to make phone calls using a PC, modem, headphone and no actual phone instrument


I have a phone landline connection and I DO NOT have a phone instrument. I connect the cable into my laptop, and want to make calls using my laptop. I have an HDA CX20561 modem.
I seem to be able to dial number using dialer.exe, though nothing seems to happen. From Microsoft kb, it looks like dialer.exe alone is not enough for the call.

Can somebody tell me how to make and receive phone call with whatever hardware I have, I.e. what software will I need.

Best Answer

Software products for making land-line calls over modem have almost all disappeared from the world.

A remnant from these days may be NCH Software. However, it is quite unclear whether your modem will support such a feature. And in any case, all these products cost money to start and more to use.

You might as well go ahead and use Skype for your calls, as being one of the cheapest VOIP solutions around.