How to make the FX-8350 stop throttling at 64ºC


If my AMD FX-8350 reaches 64-65ºC it kinda resets to lower the temperature, then starts going up again, reaches 64ºC and goes down again.

Here's a picture of it happening:

Resource Monitor

The second dip is because I stopped prime95, but the first one was after reaching this max temperature, I lowered my CPU fan speed to check if it was really the temperature, the same thing happened, but way faster.

Can anyone tell me why? I believe the CPU could go a little hotter without having to slow down.

Best Answer

AMD notes the max temperature of the FX8350 is 61C. You've topped that.

AMD FX-8350 specs

From here:

Whether the MoBo is initiating throttling or the CPU is, they area acting to protect the CPU, which is running at extremely high temperatures which are very likely to cause damage over time to the CPU. The CPU is most likely acting to preserve its own life.

If you're running Prime95 to benchmark, you've found your benchmark. It you're running it for actual mathematical reasons, tone it down so it won't kill your CPU.

Your BIOS may have settings that speed up the fans earlier in the load cycle to help slow the temperature climb and give you more usable time at full load. But, most normal computer programs, processes, and workloads do not fully load the CPU, and if you're trying to run high-CPU load workloads, AMD isn't known for making the most thermally stable CPUs.


Get a different cooler that will cool the CPU enough so that it can better handle the loads you're throwing at it

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