How to make the Nvidia Graphic Card is the Default in PES 2015

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I had PES 2015 game and it's always use Intel(R) HD Graphics as a default
How to change that to Nvidia ?

Best Answer

In addition to Vinayak's answer: To default that choice you can follow Vinayak's instructions but then instead of clicking High-performance NVIDIA processor you click on the option to change the default GPU. The NVIDIA-configuration panel pops open on Manage 3D-settings -> the 2nd tab Program settings where you can select for each seperate program which GPU should be used.
If your program/game doesn't show up in the dropdown list, click browse, locate your game-folder (PES 2015 in your case) and search and select the .exe (PES2015.exe I presume).
Select the preferred GPU, and don't forget to save/apply the settings.