Windows – How to modify the services.msc file in Windows 7

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I want to modify the default view when using Services from Administrative Tools under Windows 7, similar to this previous SuperUser question relating to Windows XP:
How can I open WinXP's Services control panel applet on the Standard tab by default?

However, Windows 7 won't let me modify the file C:\Windows\System32\services.msc.
I've tried both of the following to change the file, but both result in "Access is denied":
* Go to file Properties->Security and try to add my username with full control; and
* Open a command prompt as Administrator, and try to use the copy command to overwrite the file in System32 with one in another location.

I can save a copy to my desktop and access services that way, but would like to change the default view when it is opened from Administrative Tools. Is there any way to do this in Windows 7?

Edit to clarify: I specifically want to make Services always open on the Standard tab (as per the linked question), and with wider columns, when accessed through Control Panel->Administrative Tools.
Ideally, I would also like the same behaviour when Services is accessed through right-clicking Computer then clicking Manage.
Windows 7 does not permit modifying the relevant .msc files in the System32 directory.

Best Answer

  • Imo, you shouldn't modify the services.msc, but make your own file. Add the services snapin like above in Kcotreau and save it as services in your start menu folder. So when you type services, that one will pull up first and not the one in %system32%.