Windows – How to move apps from HDD to SSD without reinstalling them

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I gave the store today, to add a new SSD to my laptop. And I assumed that when I receive the laptop, it will be as normal as before but with a good performance and an increase in speed.
But after I on the laptop, everything was new as found on a new laptop. All my apps were gone. The HDD is still there on the laptop and includes all of the files in it. Except that all the settings, browser details, apps were not there. But I have recovered the browser details.
Now I want to know, is there a way that I can move my apps from the HDD to SSD without reinstalling, without affecting any of the files.

For example, I want to run Code Blocks. But it isn't any more there in the C drive. How can open Code Blocks without any change in it?

Hoping for a solution to this asap.

Best Answer

A simple procedure for question is really not possible. Reinstalling a lot of software and manually migrating registry settings and data from the old user profile might take days even for an experienced person.

There is some migration software available, but it should only used with very low expectations - personally i would not even recommend trying. The easiest way to get everything back to normal until you have more time, is to remove the SSD.

If the SSD is at least as large as the HDD, then just clone - which is easy and may be finished in 1-2 hours. Most SSDs include free cloning software. I strongly recommend to start with a full disk image (backup) of your HDD before moving around anything.

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