Windows – How to open the context menu on start menu search results from the keyboard

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In Windows 7, when I hit the widows key and start typing to find a file, I can easily launch a found file by using the arrows to navigate to the file in question and hitting enter. That launches the file in its associated program. I can also hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter to launch it as an administrator. That's all good.

However, sometimes I want to do something with that file other than launch it in its default program. Sometimes, I'd like to use the right click context menu to open the file. I know most places in the OS, I can use Shift + F10 or sometimes Ctrl + Shift + F10 to open that context menu. Unfortunately, those don't work when I have a file search result highlighted in the start menu. In that case, it brings up a generic and not very useful context menu with copy and paste options, rather than the right click menu. If my keyboard has the Menu/Application key on it, I can use that to open the actual context menu. Unfortunately, my laptop's keyboard doesn't have that key, and I have no way to do this.

Does anyone know how to make this happen?

Best Answer

  • I don't know if there is a solution build into Windows. A workaround you could use is install AutoHotKey and create your own shortcut for that action.