How to optimize bit torrent on the fast university connection


I've read a lot of guides for optimizing bit torrent, but they're usually aimed at DSL or cable modem type bandwidth. I get about 50mbps download and upload right now. Is the following guidelines recommended for my connection?? Some of the choices seem a bit extreme…

1) Maximum upload speed… I just picked a number: 1200kBs
I dunno how to convert my 40Mbps speed test result to kBps…

2) max connected peers per torrent: 1560 users
guide says upload speed * 1.3

3) Global maximum number of connections: 3000 users
no clue what to set here

4) Maximum upload slots: 201
guide says 1 + (upload speed / 6)

Please give me some tips. I have no idea if these settings are reasonable.. what is the maximum connections an i7 server can handle??

Best Answer

  • Here's Wolfram Alpha's answer to the conversion question:

    So maximum upload speed = 5000 kB/s.

    Using your guide, that gives:
    Max connected peers per torrent: 6500
    Global maximum number of connections: not sure (sorry!)
    Maximum upload slots: 833

    Keep in mind that you might want to fly under the radar a bit and set those numbers lower. Your university may throttle P2P traffic as a matter of policy but they may not throttle you if your bandwidth use is moderate. Universities are under a lot of pressure from big media to pay attention to this kind of traffic. I worked for a university where they would look at the top talkers and if they were sharing copyrighted materials, they would have campus security shut them down.