Linux – How to physically find a wifi device using a laptop or mobile phone


Okay, so I have lost my tablet somewhere in my flat and have been searching for hours already. It is an Android device, which seems to have wifi enabled (responds to pings), but doesn't seem to react to cloud-based messages. Furthermore, I have Cerberus installed on it, but cannot connect to it.

Is there a way of physically finding the device by measuring the signal strength from different locations in my flat?

I know it is theoretically also possible to triangulate a wifi signal, and even though I have four Linux based wifi receivers I do not know any non-commercial software that is capable of doing so.

Best Answer

You can always use a Network Monitoring Software Tool like MoocherHunter to triagulate the geolocation of your wifi enabled device.

Actually the mentioned tool is used to triangulate the wifi moochers, but can do the trick for you,given that,the android device is conected to your LAN.

Your router's administrative console can help you find out more about your wireless network activity.It should provide a list of IP addresses, MAC addresses, and device names that it is connected to.with the help of these details this tool will help you locate the device down within 2 meters.(as per developers)

MoocherHunter has been used for law enforcement organizations in Asia to track Wi-Fi moochers.

The software description says it can geo-locate the wireless hacker from the traffic they send across the network, down to 2 meters accuracy. The software doesn't run as an executable in Windows,rather it needs to be burned to a CD, then used to boot the computer. The idea is, with your laptop (and the directional antenna on your wireless card), you'd walk around to triangulate the physical location of the Wi-Fi moocher.

you can find more about MoocherHunter via this link

this way you can locate the device with your laptop