How to play an MKV 3D side-by-side video


I have a video in Matroska format (MKV, file extension .mkv), 3D half-SBS, where the 1280×720 frame shows the left-eye frame on the left and the right-eye frame on the right.

I don't have a 3DTV, but I have NVidia 3D Vision: I tried to open it with PowerDVD 10 with no result (program hangs). With the same PowerDVD, I tried to play the Avatar 3D trailer downloaded from YouTube (MP4 format), but it now shows it the two frames.

PowerDVD 10 is advertised to support 3D and 3D Vision. Why can't I play these videos?

NVidia Stereoscopic player plays the Avatar trailer fine, but it doesn't support MKV.

Best Answer

  • PowerDVD 10 Ultra Mark II should be able to play 3D half-SBS MKV files. Did you try enabling 3D by clicking on the "3D button"?

    I have had better luck with Stereoscopic Player when it comes to 3D MKV files. If Stereoscopic Player fails to play the file, try installing K-Lite Codec Standard Pack.

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