How to prevent any game from running on a PC


I am looking for an unbreachable way to disable the games running on my PC. Even games which require quite a low amount of graphics say 256MB should not work. It is to put restriction on gaming on my PC. I have a graphics card of 1GB and 2GB RAM and a processor of 2.7GHz with Windows 7.

Can we prevent a process from running if it takes a certain amount of graphics memory greater than a value set by user? I mean can we put restriction on games on the basis of the amount of graphics memory they use. Also the method should be applicable to all games (ignoring the chess and other small games like that. Even if it gets blocked, then also no problem.

This is to prevent myself from playing games. But I need other software (non game) to run properly.

Best Answer

You can not have an "unbreachable" way to do this - once you have a physical access to a PC, its more-or-less game-over. The best you can do is frustrate access to certain games - be it based on graphics requirements, access to (for example) Steam servers or limiting what can be installed by non-admin users on the system - and requiring people to log in other then as admin.

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