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Adobe Audition is really stupid in that when you change the size of the window, and then change it back to the original size, all the frame positions are lost and you have to tediously reposition them by hand.

I'd like to make it completely impossible to ever resize the window, just keep it maximized at all times. If I accidentally click "Restore" or drag the title bar, it should either ignore it, or move around the screen while staying the same size. Is there any way to do this?

Best Answer

  • One can disable the resize of a window by changing its border style to one that does not support resizing.

    Here are two products that can edit the style of a window :

    Window Detective

    I found Window Detective to be much more reactive than Winspector, although working with both is very similar. Here is how I rendered notepad to be unresizable.

    After launching Window Detective and notepad, click the "Pick window" button of Window Detective and bring it over the notepad window. The notepad window is highlighted, but ensure that you chose the entire notepad window rather than only a sub-window such as the edit-text control.

    Click to choose the notepad window. Window Detective will then display it in its Window list. Right-click on it and choose "Edit Window Styles" :


    The following window is displayed :


    Uncheck the style called "WS_THICKFRAME" and click OK.
    This is it - the border of notepad can no longer be resized.

    Note : If Window Detective slows-down the display, close its Messages panel.