Linux – How to rate-limit a pipe under linux


Is there a filter which I could use to rate-limit a pipe on linux? If this exists, let call it rate-limit, I want to be able to type in a terminal something like

cat /dev/urandom | rate-limit 3 -k | foo

in order to send a a stream of random bytes to foo's standard input at a rate (lower than) 3 kbytes/s.

Best Answer

Pipe Viewer has this feature.

cat /dev/urandom | pv -L 3k | foo

From the pv man page:

-L RATE, --rate-limit RATE

Limit the transfer to a maximum of RATE bytes per second. A suffix of "k", "m", "g", or "t" can be added to denote kilobytes (*1024), megabytes, and so on.