Macos – How to recover files from an USB flash drive


I have a flash drive that was used primarily on a Mac, and it was ejected improperly.

Now when I put it back in, the computer (I tried 2 different Macs and 3 PCs) does not even register the flash drive- it does not show up in Finder or in My Computer. Any ideas how to get the lost files back?

Best Answer

PhotoRec is file data recovery software designed to recover lost files including video, documents and archives from hard disk drives, CD-ROMs, and lost pictures (thus, its 'Photo Recovery' name) from digital camera memory. PhotoRec ignores the filesystem and goes after the underlying data, so it will still work even if your media's filesystem has been severely damaged or re-formatted.

PhotoRec is free, open source and portable (doesn't require installation).

If you're looking for professional data recovery software, then your best bet is WinHex (or the 'light' version Davory).

WinHex and Davory are shareware - try before you buy.