How to recover the BitLocker recovery key

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my laptop has freezed, I restart it with power button but now, at start up, BitLocker said that:

You need to enter your recovery key because Secure Boot has been disabled. Either Secure Boot must be re-enabled, or BitLocker must be suspended for Windows to start normally.

I gone to UEFI settings and define a password to re-enabled Secure Boot but BitLocker when I restart comptuer said that Bios secure parameters has changed… It doesn't solve the problem.

The problem is I don't have my recovery key. I tried to recover my recovery key using Microsoft account but I had to update my phone number and so my security settings are locked for one month.
My question is :

  1. Is it possible to boot on Ubuntu USB key or plug HDD to an Ubuntu computer, copy files and decrypt them one by one with my password session ?
  2. Is it possible to retrieve my recovery key using Windows command line and session password ? (I can access to Windows recovery menu so I have access to commands line.)
  3. Is a program to decrypt completely my hard drive exists ? I will write it on a USB key, start it, enter my session password and it will decrypt all the disk or something like that.

Thanks a lot.

Best Answer

The answer to all three questions is No.

  1. That would defeat the purpose of encryption.
  2. That enviornment would still need to unlock your drive.
  3. Yes, it's BitLocker from within Windows or maybe another Windows with the recovery key.

You might be able to wait a month. But I'm not certain in that case. If I'm not mistaken Windows usually tells you to keep that recovery safe, exactly for that reason.