Windows – How to Remap “Home” button on a Local Multimedia Keyboard without Driver

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I recently purchased a multimedia keyboard (TECHNOTECH USB KEYBOARD 658) that is actually Made in China, and that doesn't come with ny driver CD or anything.

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Here I want to map Home button to Calculator button, as Home button is of no use to me, and I want to use it as Calculator. This Home button opens the Google Chrome window (my default browser).

But unfortunately as it is a product from some Local Vendor, and they have not provided any CD like Microsoft does.

I tried various software like SharpKeys but that says that that Home key on my keyboard is not recognized.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Any solutions?

Best Answer

  • This might be a duplicate. Basically I believe what you are looking for is to remap extra keys that aren't normally there for normal keyboards. If this what you are looking for check out this solution.

    How to remap special keys on my keyboard