Windows – How to remap windows and alt keys in OS X


I sometimes hook up my macbook to a windows keyboard. The annoying thing is that on windows keyboards the modifier keys at the lower left are layout as

ctrl - windows - alt

while apple keyboards use

ctrl - alt - apple

The windows key functions as the apple key, the problem is that they are located at a different location, and my muscle memory is so set on finding the 'command' key next to the spacebar that I keep executing my shortcuts with alt i.s.o. apple key (and vice versa)

Short of buying an Apple keyboard, does anyone know a way to remap both keys in osx?

Best Answer

  • In System Preferences | Keyboard | Modifier Keys you can swap these two keys.
  • Double Command is a PrefPane that offers many options for using Windows-keyboards (see the 3d & 4h checkboxes in the screenshot on that page). I'm not sure it offers advantages over the standard keyboard preferences, but perhaps it includes automatic sensning or a quicker way (hot key?) of changing back and forth.