How to remote access using command line to a computer using dynamic IP

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I want to access my other computer (mac osx) which on the other place. The simples solution is maybe like using teamviewer and logmein, but in this case i want to remote using command line /terminal. The problem teamviewer and logmein don't support terminal session. The remote computer (the computer that i want to connect to) is using dynamic IP and i don't have access to the router connected to that computer.

I got some resource , that i can use dynamic dns services like dynu,no-ip etc, but most of these services need me to alter some setting in the router (for example doing port forwarding etc). The fact i don't have access to the router. Or am i missing something ?

Any solution ?

Best Answer

  • If you want to connect you have 2 main options:

    1. Use your own server to get around NAT, for this you would use reverse SSH tunneling, either direct to your machine if you are not behind NAT, or to a midpoint like in the tutorial linked if you are also behind NAT.

    2. Using a service like ngrok to give you a publicly accessible address for connecting to

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