Windows – How to remove “Add to Windows Media Player list” from context menu

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When Windows Media Player is the default player in Windows, the right-click context menu for certain music files includes an item called "Add to Windows Media Player list". This is par-for-the-course with WMP, which includes tons of these context menu items. However, unlike other context menu items, which are usually relatively easy to get rid of because they require the deletion of a handful of sub-keys in the same usual places, this particular item is a lot trickier to find, and I couldn't find anything on doing so via Google or this site.

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So, how do you get rid of the "Add to Windows Media Player list" context menu item?

Best Answer

I am using Windows 10 preview insiders build. I have essentially taken away all media player entries from the context menu.

  1. Open control panel.

  2. Click program and features.

  3. Turn windows features on and off.

  4. scroll down to >Media Features> open that tab up.

  5. You will see a check box. Uncheck only the 'Media Player' check box.

  6. Click OK!


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